The Auto Body Association of Texas (ABAT) held an informational membership meeting in Waxahachie, Texas on Jan. 11 at the Waxahachie Civic Center. The meeting was held to bring awareness to the issues body shops face and the benefits of ABAT membership. ABAT held the meeting as a response to overwhelming interest in the association from shop owners and managers in that area. The resounding message for the evening was “you are not the only one” asking for certain operations and that every business deserves to be profitable.

Craig and Rhonda Anderson, owners of Ellis County Auto Repair, hosted the event. The meeting, which had about 45 attendees, included dinner and a presentation by ABAT’s president, Burl Richards. Richards’ presentation addressed the many issues that shop owners and managers face daily in their businesses. He spoke on the problem of reimbursement for necessary processes and procedures, education and equipment needed to keep up with the “technological tsunami” we are facing, and cited remarks and quotes made by various insurance companies’ executives regarding the good business practice of raising rates and premiums.

Included was a remark made by Warren Buffet on Geico’s Stance: “Despite the competitive auto insurance market, Buffett has said that GEICO won’t follow the ‘I take a loss but make it up in volume’ mindset of competitors whom he said slash premiums too deeply with the goal of luring customers.” Said Richards who also included web citations to support this. Additionally, attendees were encouraged to fill out labor rate surveys conducted by Variable Rate Systems and Mike Anderson’s

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