Texas HB 3804 has been moved into the Insurance Committee.   Attached is their contact information, PLEASE Read the instructions below and call these legislators and let them know you support this bill.

THE TIME IS NOW  We’ve gotten it this far –  it will take all of us to move this forward!!!


ABAT and HABA have introduced legislation, H.B 3804.  This is a consumer protection bill written so collision repair shops can repair cars properly and be compensated. We Need You To Help Make This Happen.

1.     Find the legislator from your district, you can USE THIS LINK to identify the legislator and get all of their contact information
2.    Call them – probably will leave a message.
3.    Introduce yourselves, “I am (your name), I own or manage a business in your district (company name) I employ and support (number of people and number of family members) and I support H.B 3804.
4.   If you are lucky enough to get them on the phone, please be ready to answer any questions about this bill and your business. Please call Burl             Richards, 903-392-0047  or Larry Cernosek, 281-808-7835 for assistance with this. If you leave a message, leave your phone number and tell them you would be happy to discuss this with them.

Please VISIT THIS LINK to view committee members who will be holding hearings if a bill has anything to do with insurance. If you know any of those members or if they represent the district in which you live or your business is located in you need to go by their district office or if you are in Austin go by their State Office and let them know you are in their district, own or manage a collision repair center and if any legislation comes up they can call you if they have any questions.

Also go to Texas Legislator Online, there are volumes of information about the legislative process, you can find out who represents you, track bills by using their search box to look up any bill that is filed on a certain topic.

Please get involved in case we need to go to Austin to support or fight against a bill.

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