Do you have a client who was under-indemnified by an insurance company?
Let’s make their voice heard!
ABAT is working hard to prepare for the upcoming legislative session. We have some important things that we hope to get passed in 2021. Our Lobbyist has worked hard in the off season to build the right relationships to help us be successful but nothing is more impactful than these legislators hearing from their constituents.
This is where we need shops to step up and utilize out consumer complaint form. These will be emailed weekly to Texas lawmakers.
You must get involved if you want to see change in this industry.
Everyone deserves a safe repair.
Here is the process-
1. Talk to your customer if they have been under-indemnified and explain the unfair practices being used that prevent body shops from making safe repairs to cars. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE CUSTOMER UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE SIGNING. DO NOT fill out this form without their knowledge. It is important that we are truthful and honest about the issues we face.
2. Ask if they will fill out a letter about the issues they encountered (or you as a shop faced while advocating for them) so that we can make lawmakers aware of these issues. Have them initial by each issue that was applicable during their claim.
3. Make sure they understand what they are signing and where it is being sent. Have them fill out all the information on the form.
4. Scan & email or “snail mail” it to ABAT who will send copies to all pertinent parties.
5. Give them the cover letter to take home and read (there is room to add your logo to the bottom).
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