Legislative Action

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Legislative Action

Texas Auto Body PAC

ABAT and HABA have come together to form the Texas Auto Body Political Action Committee. This PAC will further our legislative efforts by hiring lobbyists and supporting candidates who support HB3804. Please consider donating today.

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Dallas Lawyer Todd Tracy Publicly Thanks The Auto Body Association of Texas in a YouTube Video

Attorney Todd Tracy, the lawyer that represented the owners of a Honda Fit in the high-profile case in Dallas, TX, Applauds the Auto Body Association of Texas for it’s commitment to safety.

Mr. Tracy was a spotlight speaker at the Texas Auto Body Trade show speaking to attendees on how to avoid litigation. His full presentation will be available to members of ABAT later this year. Click here to Join now to be one of the first to see the presentation that gained a standing ovation at the show.

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TEXAS 2017 Legislative Session Is Over – Looking Forward To 2018

HB 3804, a bill written for collision repairers to ensure a more safe repair for the consumer did not get to the final committee in Austin. This bill sponsored by Rep. Travis Clardy, R-Nacogdoches was moving through the legislative process and ran out of time for a vote.  We will never know if our efforts would have passed this bill.  Larry Cernosek, legislative board member of the Houston Auto Body Association and Burl Richards, President of the Auto Body Association of Texas worked hard with Representative Clardy to make this happen. We learned a lot this 2017 legislative session and we have a lot of work to do before the next.

The legislative process is something that will always be on the Auto Body Association of Texas agenda. We will actively address the issues that collision repairers are facing in today’s market. We have found that most Texas legislators are trying to do the right thing.  We need to give them the tools to understand our complex industry.


  • Texas Legislator Online
    • Find Out Who Your State Representative Is
    • Introduce Yourself
      • Contribute to the campaign
      • Offer to hold a fund raiser at your shop
      • Offer to help with the campaign
      • Put signs up in your yard – employees , if they agree
    • Ask For A Meeting To Review This Industry
      • Give Them A Shop Tour
        • Discuss Insurer Relations, New Technology, Consumer Safety
  • When Legislation is Agreed Upon and Bill Written
    • ABAT Will Furnish You a ‘One Pager’ Description Of The Bill
    • ABAT Will Furnish Committee Information 
      • Find Out If Your Representative Is On The Committee
        • Contact Representative in Support Of The Bill
        • ABAT Will Give You Word Track
      • Contact Your Representative Even If They Are Not On the Committee
        • Ask For Their Support

If you would like to discuss or have questions?

Please Contact Janet Chaney   Cellular : 480-720-2565

email: Jchaney.cavecreek@gmail.com                                       

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